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Dong Guan Yong Xin Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional R & D design, production and sales of various types of connectors, data lines, electronic wires, various types of adapter (line) as one of the scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises. The main R & D and production of USB C TYPE、USB A TYPE、B TYPE, MICRO USB, HDMI, fiber optic connectors, 3.5 / 2.5 headphone connector, and other varieties of products.
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从应用需求来看,尽可能地缩小器件的封装体积已是电子制造行业的主流趋势,尤其是便携式联网电子设备呈现出的轻薄化和多功能化特点,迫使电子连接器产品在研发上也面临着严峻的考验。  【Detailed】
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